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03.03.03 - Woah, something's happening dude! -acr

acreid's code (col4.cpp) also runs in Windoze when compiled in Cygwin. Compile with:
g++ -o col4.exe col4.cpp -L/lib/w32api/ -lopengl32 -lglut32 -lglu32 -I/usr/include/GL

27.05.2002 - I've added some semi-functional collision detection code to the CVS.
Written in C++, runs using OpenGL/Mesa on DRI-enabled X.

20.05.2002 - Three mailing lists are up. Everyone is invited to subscribe :)

18.05.2002 - New members shouldn't be surprised if they find themselves with some or all admin rights. The Collective needs to be as non-hierarchical as possible.

17.05.2002 - Tiny bit of Java code written, using the brilliant jEdit.

15.05.2002 - Added status, logo and plans.
14.05.2002 - BorgASM project approved by SourceForge admin.

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